Ten years in the making….

It has been a while since i last blogged. Here is why…

I have had some time off work to persue my love and interest of writing. A story that i wrote when i was 16 years old has stuck with me. Those who were privileged enough to be able to read the hand written copy of it back in 2007, have encouraged me to persue my dream of getting it published. 

This all said and done, editing, typing and preparing something i wrote 10 years ago is proving to be a challenge. More so than i’d expected. I am going to need more than the week id initially given myself to ‘fine tune’ it. What i feel i am struggling with the most is my 16 year old and now 26 year old perception of the world around me. I now know a lot more about descriptive writing, grammar and so much more about the different ways to captivate your audience via your writing. 

There are characters who were originally introduced into my story who no longer seem necessar. I am no longer connected to them they way i am with my main characters Danielle and Miles. Removing a characters whole exsitance from my story however leaves me feeling somewhat guilty and empty though. I have tried to keep it as my 16 year old self orginally intended, but lets face it. I have changed in the last 10 years dramatically as a result of my lifes experiences, of course in one way or another this will alter my story. I have even stopped reading all my books at present, just as to not risk been influenced by other authors and their various stiles of writing.

I know i will get this story published eventually, whether it be independently or through a publishing company and when this happens i know whatever the end product i will love it and proudly promote it as my own. 

I then intend to start working on a collaboration of many of my short stories written both in my younger days and at present. I hope to share these with others. Though my life isnt bad, my books and story writing provides me with that escape from reality whether it be for 5 minutes or 3 hours. I wish to share this experience with others.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog. If you have had similar experiences with writing, preparing a manuscript or publishing a story i invite you to comment below. I would love to hear what you found worked and didn’t work and what made the whole process run more smoothly.

Stay Tuned- J



Last night I attended my 21 year old cousin Katie’s engagement party. She is engaged to the charming Joshua, who is of Greek and Italian heritage. Enough said. The night was romantic and safe to say we all left there all loved up. I also left there looking at my partner and wondering whether, he would ever ask the question which I would happily say “yes” to. 

Now I know it would be a stereotype to say that getting engaged and then married is every girls/women’s dream and that life is all about falling in love; but this is how it is for me. Given yes we have to work to make money in order to survive this thing we call life… as well as save for events such as the ones mentioned above, but to me it is all about getting married, buying a house and starting a family. Nevermind the order that it happens in. 

For my partner and I who are already living together and have been for going on three years, marriage would be the next step for us. Whether it be sooner or later who knows what our future holds, but attending a night such as an engagement party puts it all into perspective of what I want for myself, for us in the future.

I sometimes find myself jealous of those who are moving forward in life much faster than what I feel I am doing myself, but then I am reminded by those close to me that all good things take time and that I have to remember to stop and take in all the good things I have in life at present. So heres to the good things we all have going for us 🙂 !!
Stay tuned- J

Health & Fitness

The things we put ourselves through in the name of health and fitness. As I mentioned in one of my pervious blogs, a resolution of mine for the year is to work on my health and fitness. As well as loose a few kg here and there. As I have lacked motivation and have not “found time”, or rather made time to do this with my busy lifestlye (work/other committments); I have recently started personal training. As recent as yesterday. 

Whilst adrenaline and not wanting to look so unfit infront of my new trainer worked for me yesterday… today I am very sore. My shoulders and legs are aching but I am all the more determined to see where this new fitness journey takes me. Yes my weekly scedule has now gotten a whole lot busy and personal training takes alot of energy out of me, but lets face it.. in the long term this decision will benifit me, my body and my energy levels in so many different ways. Plus ill be able to fit into that dress again 😉 !

My second session is tomorrow. Hopefully my body will loosen up a bit between now and then as I am off to work shortly and can barely move. Lets hope my Toddler children go easy on me today!

Stay tuned- J

Weekend Escape

I apologize  if this blog is lacking… i had previously written an extended version of it, only to have my phone delete it. So here goes… take two! 

My partner and i escaped to the beautiful city of Melbourne this weekend for some time  away. A rare occasion as we will choose trees and farm land over the confined space of the city anyday. However with work  lately it has been all too easy to fall into work, sleep, eat, repeat! Everyone needs to escape the routine of everyday  life once in a while.

Though only an hours drive from the place we call home, we filled up yesterday with anything and everything. Our hotel is in Docklands not far from the star, which means a short walk to the yarra river, crown and all its happenings. Kingpin bowling, bars/clubs, drinks, photo booths, hotel pool, dancing/music, crown, restaurants and lots and lots of walking. My feet are sore not but it was worth it.

This morning i am chilling in our room reading a good book and talking to you lovely people, whilst my partner is at the hotel gym. Checkout is 11am. 

What’s  on the menu for breaky? Coco pops and banana. Why not!

STaY tuned- J

A Good Day

Today was a good day. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs I have recently taken on a new role at my work as room leader in a Toddler room. For those who dont know childcare terms; this means I am in charge of a room and of looking after 8-10 under 3 year old children on a daily basis Mon-Fri. 

Leading up to starting this position I was quite emotional, not in the sense of crying and been depressed or anything… more in the way that I was anxious to get started… I could not switch of my brain and the 1,000 questions running through my head. What am I going to do? How will I set up my room? How will I handle Toddler tantrums (as previously I worked with 3-5 year olds)? What if I fail? Will I get along with my assistant in the room? The list went on and on…

I am now three days into my new job. The first day I felt lost, the second i moved my room around and today was such a great day that I left work feeling ontop of the world. Today just worked. I have been receiving positive feedback from other Educators, My Boss, Parents and my children are responding well to the program/the room routines. 

Normally I am a stress head so for me to leave work today feeling accomplished and content about where im at, is rare yet something I felt needed acknowledgement. I dont always reconise or make a fuss when I have done well or am happy, incase of jinxing it I guess… I find myself silly thinking like that though. Today was good. Tomorrow who knows but let me enjoy today 🙂

Stay tuned- J

Welcoming 2017…

One of my new years resolutions for this year is to eat healthier, it is to loose weight as well though I haven’t set myself an actual amount of kg’s that I would like to loose. With christmas, new years, birthdays, easter what hope has a girl got? Lol believe me I am working on substituting the chips and chocolate for fruit and vegetables; and the red bull and coke for tea and water. I am told it takes 28 days for form a habit good or bad, so hopefully each day is one day closer to Day 28! To assist me to keep track of what I eat I have brought a health journal; mainly to remind myself whether I am achieving my goals and to assist me to be more organised. (Health Journal $4 kmart)

Another new years resolution of mine is to save money. Though the future and its happenings are never certain; I want to have money set asside for emergencies, my horses, children, a house, holidays with my family/partner and marriage. To assist me with this I have purchased a budget book ($4 kmart). I have also gone back to fulltime this year; I start back tomorrow after two weeks off. I am a mixture of excited, nervous, motivated and anxious to go back to wotk… Which brings me to another of my resolutions; my job and exceeding in the new role I have taken on this year (Room Leader in a Toddler room). First day in my new room tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Stay tuned- J ♡