A Good Day

Today was a good day. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs I have recently taken on a new role at my work as room leader in a Toddler room. For those who dont know childcare terms; this means I am in charge of a room and of looking after 8-10 under 3 year old children on a daily basis Mon-Fri. 

Leading up to starting this position I was quite emotional, not in the sense of crying and been depressed or anything… more in the way that I was anxious to get started… I could not switch of my brain and the 1,000 questions running through my head. What am I going to do? How will I set up my room? How will I handle Toddler tantrums (as previously I worked with 3-5 year olds)? What if I fail? Will I get along with my assistant in the room? The list went on and on…

I am now three days into my new job. The first day I felt lost, the second i moved my room around and today was such a great day that I left work feeling ontop of the world. Today just worked. I have been receiving positive feedback from other Educators, My Boss, Parents and my children are responding well to the program/the room routines. 

Normally I am a stress head so for me to leave work today feeling accomplished and content about where im at, is rare yet something I felt needed acknowledgement. I dont always reconise or make a fuss when I have done well or am happy, incase of jinxing it I guess… I find myself silly thinking like that though. Today was good. Tomorrow who knows but let me enjoy today 🙂

Stay tuned- J


Welcoming 2017…

One of my new years resolutions for this year is to eat healthier, it is to loose weight as well though I haven’t set myself an actual amount of kg’s that I would like to loose. With christmas, new years, birthdays, easter what hope has a girl got? Lol believe me I am working on substituting the chips and chocolate for fruit and vegetables; and the red bull and coke for tea and water. I am told it takes 28 days for form a habit good or bad, so hopefully each day is one day closer to Day 28! To assist me to keep track of what I eat I have brought a health journal; mainly to remind myself whether I am achieving my goals and to assist me to be more organised. (Health Journal $4 kmart)

Another new years resolution of mine is to save money. Though the future and its happenings are never certain; I want to have money set asside for emergencies, my horses, children, a house, holidays with my family/partner and marriage. To assist me with this I have purchased a budget book ($4 kmart). I have also gone back to fulltime this year; I start back tomorrow after two weeks off. I am a mixture of excited, nervous, motivated and anxious to go back to wotk… Which brings me to another of my resolutions; my job and exceeding in the new role I have taken on this year (Room Leader in a Toddler room). First day in my new room tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Stay tuned- J ♡

Photo of the day

A photo of the community garden at the childcare centre that I work at. It has been a great journey working alongside the children throughout the whole gardening procress from seed to a selection of vegetables for us to include in the meals provided to the children. The children water and tend to it on a daily basis; sneaking a cherry tomato and a snow pea on the occasion before it makes it to the kitchen. There is somethung rewarding about eating/enjoying vegetables you grow yourself.