Health & Fitness

The things we put ourselves through in the name of health and fitness. As I mentioned in one of my pervious blogs, a resolution of mine for the year is to work on my health and fitness. As well as loose a few kg here and there. As I have lacked motivation and have not “found time”, or rather made time to do this with my busy lifestlye (work/other committments); I have recently started personal training. As recent as yesterday. 

Whilst adrenaline and not wanting to look so unfit infront of my new trainer worked for me yesterday… today I am very sore. My shoulders and legs are aching but I am all the more determined to see where this new fitness journey takes me. Yes my weekly scedule has now gotten a whole lot busy and personal training takes alot of energy out of me, but lets face it.. in the long term this decision will benifit me, my body and my energy levels in so many different ways. Plus ill be able to fit into that dress again 😉 !

My second session is tomorrow. Hopefully my body will loosen up a bit between now and then as I am off to work shortly and can barely move. Lets hope my Toddler children go easy on me today!

Stay tuned- J


Weekend Escape

I apologize  if this blog is lacking… i had previously written an extended version of it, only to have my phone delete it. So here goes… take two! 

My partner and i escaped to the beautiful city of Melbourne this weekend for some time  away. A rare occasion as we will choose trees and farm land over the confined space of the city anyday. However with work  lately it has been all too easy to fall into work, sleep, eat, repeat! Everyone needs to escape the routine of everyday  life once in a while.

Though only an hours drive from the place we call home, we filled up yesterday with anything and everything. Our hotel is in Docklands not far from the star, which means a short walk to the yarra river, crown and all its happenings. Kingpin bowling, bars/clubs, drinks, photo booths, hotel pool, dancing/music, crown, restaurants and lots and lots of walking. My feet are sore not but it was worth it.

This morning i am chilling in our room reading a good book and talking to you lovely people, whilst my partner is at the hotel gym. Checkout is 11am. 

What’s  on the menu for breaky? Coco pops and banana. Why not!

STaY tuned- J

The final two days of our Lakes Entrance holiday…

As promised…

Sunday (Day three)

After a short sleep in we made our way to the local bakery for ham and cheese crussants for breakfast. A yummy start to the day. We then drove just under an hour to Marlo, which is a picturesque place where the snowy river meets the ocean. We went for a short walk along the beach then drove further up the coastline, stopping at a lookout where we could view the ocean for as far as we could see. Pity we didn’t have benoculars with us, as we spotted several black dots moving in the water in the distance. Could have been dolphins, seals or something else, we will never know… Afterwards we stopped at ‘The red bluff’ which is a beach. We collected some beautiful shells which I intend to present in decorative boxes as gifts for my sisters (more creative then the odd key ring or spoon gift). My partner also introduced me to a game of naughts and crosses in the sand which was fun and amused us for a while. What a beautiful day. Our last night in Lakes Entrance we made the most of it, going on a paddle boat for half and hour. Whilst the peddling was tiring after so much walking throughout the day, it was still relaxing to do.

Monday (Day four)

The six hour drive home. Need I say more. By the time my partner and I got hom

e we both fell asleep. Do you ever get the feeling you need a holiday from your holiday?? I have never quite understood this term until now.

My first two days in Lakes Entrance…

​I have been home just over an hour now, after been on holidays in Lakes Entrance for the past 4 days. Whilst I am tired and definitely don’t want to sit in a car any longer today I feel like I have neglected you all whilst I was away. I honestly didnt find the time to write whilst away however find it as a perfect opportunity to do so now and reflect over the past few days. Those of you who are interested in the happenings of my holiday keep reading…

Friday (Day One )

4:30am wakeup. My partner and I left home at 5am. The worst weather heading into Melbourne CBD. Thunder/Lightning and Rain. Wet roads, crazy drivers and the odd Kangaroo or two all before 6am in the morning. We stopped along the way to have a maccas breaktfast then continued on. As we drove further it stopped raining however just leaving the hold of our car it was as if we would get blown away. There are many places to stop on the way; we stopped at Sale for a short while though to grab last minute essentials and a coffee. After a long 6+hr drive, some of that stopping for a break we arrived in Lakes Entrance around 12:30pm at which stage we grabbed lunch and went for an explore around the local shops. The girls from Shifting Sands Motel admin we adimant that we could not check into our room until after 2pm! We didn’t venture too far as the weather was not on our side. Checkin. Dinner and then sleep took up the remainder of our day.

Saturday (Day two) 

Rested up we woke to the sound of people packing and unpacking their cars in the hotel room beside us. Breakfast cereal in our room. We drove approximately 50 mins to Buchan where we participated in two cave tours at Buchan Caves (Royal cave and Fairy cave). Both tours were great, the guides were very friendly, patient with the children who accompanied their parents through the caves and were more than happy to answer any questions we had. I didnt have many ill admitt. Afterwards we sat at a picnic table and enjoyed a packed sandwiche for lunch; one of our attempts at saving some money whilst away. We then stopped by Lake Tyres for a few hours which was just beautiful. The weather was great. Sun out and approx. 30 degrees or more. My partner and I threw the bathers on a chased one another up the beach. We also played naughts and crosses in the sand; a clever idea thought up my my partner. I did forget to put sunscreen on my legs though which I didnt notice until that night when I was warmer than expected. I reckon you couldve cooked an egg on my legs no jokes! Lucky for aloe vera which helped sooth the burn. Note to self for next time: smother ones self in sunscreen.
That night we walked along the main beach of Lakes Entrance. We did over a 3km walk along the beach front however had to improvise and navigate our journey back a alternate way to the surf club as the tide had come in behind us whilst walking. We made it back eventually and headed straight for the pub. A drink was well earnt after bush bashing and navigating through unknown parts of the small island type thing we were on.

Day three & four to be added soon. I would love to hear your thoughts on my blog. 

Stay tuned- J


This afternoon once the rain had cleared (even if just for a short while) i accompanied my partner and his sister on a walk in the back paddocks through the bush. At first i set out in runners however soon realised that they were not practical as the paddocks were full of water. Heading back to the farm house i found some spare boots, which were two sizes too big but good enough at the time. The boots were much better as i was able to trudge through the muddy puddles very much like i use to do as a kid. Were all big kids at heart arent we? The walk up hill to the lookout area just about killed me, making me realise that i am not as fit as i thought i was. My partner and his sister seemed to do the walk up with slightly more ease than myself. A tad jealous i pushed myself onwards.

Once at the top we stopped to take in our surroundings. It was absolutely freezing however the view of cattles, sheep, the bush, fresh green grass and waterways infront of us were still very much enjoyable to observe. There was a cow feeding her very large calf not far from us. I got as close as i was able to get a photo, before we headed back to the house again. On the way back we crossed paths with the cow and her calf again, my partners sister freaked a little at their close proximity. I teased a little doing my best at a cow impression (as you do) then found myself assuring them both that no they would not chase us. We had a good laugh over it. It began to rain again as we neared the house, it was kind of refreshing though. I felt much better after the walk. A small adventure for the day…

Jezka x