Melbourne Airport

Some photos that i couldn’t resist taking when i dropped my partner off at the airport this morning. Safe travels L ❤


Hmm… the foods i eat. 

To some this blog may be boring, to others i hope that they will be able to relate to the constant back and forth with attempting to eat healthier and sticking to it. Especially when life is constantly throwing you curve balls which result in turning to the all too alluring “comfort foods”.

After been sick for almost a week i figure now is as good a time as any to switch my diet to a more healthier one. This means ridding my house from all the chips, chocolates, fatty foods and soft drinks that are in the house. Not that i eat all these excessively, its more that i have not limited myself with eating them as much as what i should/could be doing.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. I believe that me getting sick is the universes way of giving  me a massive kick in the butt; telling me to look after myself/my body better and more importantly pay more attention to what i am eating. 
What i would like to achieve in doing this? 

I want to be happier, healthier. To have more energy to do the things that i love and lets face it, we all have the one item of clothing that we USE to fit into to and no longer do. In this case its the dress i wore to my sisters 21st birthday party 4 years ago. Four years seems like so long ago. If i could just fit into that dress again it would make it all worth while.

Stay tuned- J

A bumpy start to 2018

The first week of January i sat myself down pritty much like i do at the beginning of every year; and came up with 10 new years resolutions. I call them resolutions but really they are goals for me to strive for in 2018. Same same really. I won’t bore you with all 10 of them but my main three are;

1) Open up my new business 

2) Save money for the future 

3) Eat Healthier

Three weeks into the new year and i have started up my new business however been sick on and off has made this somewhat of a challenge. Given that i am a nanny for young children, it is very difficult to carry out day to day duties when feeling unwell. Gotta build up that immune system!! 

The second i am yet to begin and the third ‘eat healthier’ i have began by drinking water and only water. First step get rid of soft drinks/drinking redbulls; second limit chip/chocolate and sugar intake. Its a working progress.

January 2018 has been an emotional roller coaster really… so far. In one week i went to both a wedding and a funeral. A celebration of love vs a celebration of life. Whilst the wedding was absolutely beautiful, on a beach and a joyous celebration of two peoples love for one another; the funeral left me feeling flat… 

The fact that there was nothing i could say to my best friend who has just lost the love of her life to make things better left me feeling somewhat helpless. Don’t get me wrong she knows i am there for her and thats enough but still… when something like this happens to someone close to you, it’s natural to want to embrace them in a hug, to want to wrap them in cotton wool and never let them go. 

What a start to 2018. I think i am just going to take each day as it comes, put one foot in front of the other and live in the NOW. Cause if all else fails, NOW is what we’ve got!!


Last night I attended my 21 year old cousin Katie’s engagement party. She is engaged to the charming Joshua, who is of Greek and Italian heritage. Enough said. The night was romantic and safe to say we all left there all loved up. I also left there looking at my partner and wondering whether, he would ever ask the question which I would happily say “yes” to. 

Now I know it would be a stereotype to say that getting engaged and then married is every girls/women’s dream and that life is all about falling in love; but this is how it is for me. Given yes we have to work to make money in order to survive this thing we call life… as well as save for events such as the ones mentioned above, but to me it is all about getting married, buying a house and starting a family. Nevermind the order that it happens in. 

For my partner and I who are already living together and have been for going on three years, marriage would be the next step for us. Whether it be sooner or later who knows what our future holds, but attending a night such as an engagement party puts it all into perspective of what I want for myself, for us in the future.

I sometimes find myself jealous of those who are moving forward in life much faster than what I feel I am doing myself, but then I am reminded by those close to me that all good things take time and that I have to remember to stop and take in all the good things I have in life at present. So heres to the good things we all have going for us 🙂 !!
Stay tuned- J

One more sleep…

So my partner and I are going to Lakes Entrance tomorrow. Though we are only staying there 3 nights I am keen for the time away. For those that have animals/pets you will be able to relate to the preparations prior to going away. For me this includes; cleaning my horse paddocks/animal cages, buying stock feed/carting hay and making sure all animals have sufficient food and water. I am greatful that my Dad will be minding them whilst we are away. Its not all chores though as I will be sneaking in a ride on my horse this afternoon…

That holiday feeling…

Whilst most people had the Christmas/New Years period off I had to work most days except the public holidays. I have been waiting for holidays for a while, yes I have atleast 4-6 weeks off a year, usually in 2 week intivals but in my line of work (aka . childcare) I find it of high value to have time off and away from the centre. Dont get me wrong I love my job and find it highly rewarding in all aspects, however it is fast paced, mentally draining and physically demanding a lot of the time… which is why I hang for holiday time.

Today is the first day off my two week holidays. With horse riding, story writing, keeping fit, a trip to Lake Entrance, catching up with friends and family on the cards… I am going to make the most of every day. So far I have done several loads of washing, caught up on dishes, sorting through clothing to keep/donate, tidied up the many rooms of my house and now I am going to sit down with a good book. I am currently reading, ‘Man Drought- By Rachael Johns’. 

Stay tuned – J

When it all catches up to you…

20161101_120545.jpgDoes anyone else have those days where you just get home from work and decide nope I’m not hanging out the washing, not doing the dishes… I am going to simply have a shower sit down and “relax”? I admit I don’t have children at present so my work load to some may seem little in juxtaposition to their own.

After coming back from Tasmania, my partner having stayed there another week to spend time with his family; I have struggled to get motivated after the long days at work. I might add I am usually highly motivated and not at all a lazy person, however this week I simply haven’t had the energy to do a whole lot.

Now on a public holiday for the ‘Melbourne Cup’ it has all caught up to me. A long list sitting in front of me nagging to be completed in at least the next few days before my partner comes home. Even now writing this blog I am procrastinating over what I should do first.

I actually hadn’t realised or hadn’t acknowledged how much he (my partner) does to help around the house. How much he takes off me having to do during the week. Sometimes things like that get taken for granted, even if done so unintentionally.

Note to self: Thank him for all he does when he finally gets home. Make sure he knows how much he is appreciated!