Ten years in the making….

It has been a while since i last blogged. Here is why…

I have had some time off work to persue my love and interest of writing. A story that i wrote when i was 16 years old has stuck with me. Those who were privileged enough to be able to read the hand written copy of it back in 2007, have encouraged me to persue my dream of getting it published. 

This all said and done, editing, typing and preparing something i wrote 10 years ago is proving to be a challenge. More so than i’d expected. I am going to need more than the week id initially given myself to ‘fine tune’ it. What i feel i am struggling with the most is my 16 year old and now 26 year old perception of the world around me. I now know a lot more about descriptive writing, grammar and so much more about the different ways to captivate your audience via your writing. 

There are characters who were originally introduced into my story who no longer seem necessar. I am no longer connected to them they way i am with my main characters Danielle and Miles. Removing a characters whole exsitance from my story however leaves me feeling somewhat guilty and empty though. I have tried to keep it as my 16 year old self orginally intended, but lets face it. I have changed in the last 10 years dramatically as a result of my lifes experiences, of course in one way or another this will alter my story. I have even stopped reading all my books at present, just as to not risk been influenced by other authors and their various stiles of writing.

I know i will get this story published eventually, whether it be independently or through a publishing company and when this happens i know whatever the end product i will love it and proudly promote it as my own. 

I then intend to start working on a collaboration of many of my short stories written both in my younger days and at present. I hope to share these with others. Though my life isnt bad, my books and story writing provides me with that escape from reality whether it be for 5 minutes or 3 hours. I wish to share this experience with others.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog. If you have had similar experiences with writing, preparing a manuscript or publishing a story i invite you to comment below. I would love to hear what you found worked and didn’t work and what made the whole process run more smoothly.

Stay Tuned- J


A taste of something i have been working on…

Did i mention i am an aspiring writer. I started writing when i was very young, pritty much as soon as i figured out that i could put pen to paper and create something it was all i did after school, on the weekends, at my grandparents over school holidays. Write. Write. Write… i was hooked! I am yet to publish a short novel that i wrote when i was 16 years old. It is a goal that i would like to achieve however finding time to edit and publish a story is challenging when i work fulltime and have other commitments when not at work. Below is a sneak peak at something i have been working on…

Tori pulled her car off the road and parked it in amongst the long grass. She looked in her review mirror to make sure the coast was clear. She then turned her attention to her younger sister Katie who was sitting beside her. Katie had an expectant look on her face. 

“Are we really going to do this?” Katie asked unsure yet somewhat intreged about what was going through her sisters mind at present. They had discussed several times how nice it would be to cool off. They had been driving for hours and weren’t even sure if they were on the right road. The air in the car was sticky.

“C’mon Katie. Your not chickening out on me are you? There is a dam just behind that clearing that i saw back there. Who will ever know..” Tori coaxed her sister. Katie was always the quiet one, always thinking about the consequences of her actions. Tori was more the act now think later type.

“Ok,” Katie eventually gave in. There was no use arguing with her sister. One way or another Tori always got what she wanted. “Bra and undies?”“Thats my girl,” Tori let out a shreak of excitement before getting out of the car. Katie followed. 

They fought their way through the long grass and found themselves at an old wooden fence. The wire on top of the fence was rusted and very unlikely to cause any damage, Tori considered before climbing through it. She had simply hitched up her blue dress and pushed her way through. Katie stood their taking a moment to remind herself that they were trespassing on private property. She sighed tieing her long blonde hair back and copying her sister going through the fence. Tori had already began walking in the direction she said the dam was. The dam was more like a small lake. Although the bank of it was muddy, the water seemed to get clearer the further into the centre of it you looked.

Tori stripped off her dress and threw it and her thongs onto a log besides the dam. Katie decided to leave her shorts on and took her singlet top off, reluctantly revealing her favourite hot pink bra. She compared it to the black laced bra Tori was wearing. Tori was much more confident than she was, she had always been like that. Tori tiptoed into the water until she felt rock beneath her feet and without hesitantion dived in. She came back up moments later a cool and relieved look on her face…….