Photo of the day

As mentioned in my previous blog I have found decorative boxes to place the shells in that I collected whilst i was away. I intend to give these to my mother and my two sisters. Something unique for them to display in their homes ❤


The final two days of our Lakes Entrance holiday…

As promised…

Sunday (Day three)

After a short sleep in we made our way to the local bakery for ham and cheese crussants for breakfast. A yummy start to the day. We then drove just under an hour to Marlo, which is a picturesque place where the snowy river meets the ocean. We went for a short walk along the beach then drove further up the coastline, stopping at a lookout where we could view the ocean for as far as we could see. Pity we didn’t have benoculars with us, as we spotted several black dots moving in the water in the distance. Could have been dolphins, seals or something else, we will never know… Afterwards we stopped at ‘The red bluff’ which is a beach. We collected some beautiful shells which I intend to present in decorative boxes as gifts for my sisters (more creative then the odd key ring or spoon gift). My partner also introduced me to a game of naughts and crosses in the sand which was fun and amused us for a while. What a beautiful day. Our last night in Lakes Entrance we made the most of it, going on a paddle boat for half and hour. Whilst the peddling was tiring after so much walking throughout the day, it was still relaxing to do.

Monday (Day four)

The six hour drive home. Need I say more. By the time my partner and I got hom

e we both fell asleep. Do you ever get the feeling you need a holiday from your holiday?? I have never quite understood this term until now.