Weekend Escape

I apologize  if this blog is lacking… i had previously written an extended version of it, only to have my phone delete it. So here goes… take two! 

My partner and i escaped to the beautiful city of Melbourne this weekend for some time  away. A rare occasion as we will choose trees and farm land over the confined space of the city anyday. However with work  lately it has been all too easy to fall into work, sleep, eat, repeat! Everyone needs to escape the routine of everyday  life once in a while.

Though only an hours drive from the place we call home, we filled up yesterday with anything and everything. Our hotel is in Docklands not far from the star, which means a short walk to the yarra river, crown and all its happenings. Kingpin bowling, bars/clubs, drinks, photo booths, hotel pool, dancing/music, crown, restaurants and lots and lots of walking. My feet are sore not but it was worth it.

This morning i am chilling in our room reading a good book and talking to you lovely people, whilst my partner is at the hotel gym. Checkout is 11am. 

What’s  on the menu for breaky? Coco pops and banana. Why not!

STaY tuned- J


Australia Day- Melbourne CBD & Crown Casino

Though most people will go all out celebrating Australia Day; with flags hanging out their car windows, drinking till they drop, attending various functions… I celebrated being an Australian more subtly by trail riding in the bush on my horse Clyde. The bush is so peaceful. My horse Clyde listens to my ramblings with no judgment, as it gives me time to clear my head from all the worries of life (eg. bills, my new job, friendships gone wrong, family ordeals etc).

My Dad and my partner suggested we go into Melbourne CBD to suss out the celebrations going on in the city. The three of us usually avoid the city as much as possible; it is always so crowded, difficult to find a car park and in my experience if you even look at someone the wrong way you are in for a fight. With my two favourite men in my life on either side of me, I was comfortable to explore the city. As soon as we got there we found a park at Docklands $10 all inclusive which was a bargain, we then made our way to Crown Casino to have dinner. Rather than walking around to all the restaurants at an attempt to find a meal we could afford or understand the menu, we settled for Rhumba’s. I had a full plate of roast pork with chips and vegetables (did I mention I forgot to eat lunch), the boys got cheeseburgers with fries. The meals were delicious, definitely filled us up. After we’d ‘let out stomachs settle’ we walked along Southbank. The night life in Melbourne amazes me; the various street performers who are so talented at what they do, the night lights, the noise of hundreds/thousands of people coming together to watch the tennis and associate with one another, the unique fashion or every unique individual that you pass on the streets.

At a set of traffic lights we found ourselves besides a group of four (three boys and one girl) riding those blue hire bikes. One of the boys was complaining about his sore toe and with the most serious face the girl pulls a tampon out of her bag and hands it to him. “Here you need this,” she said. This made me laugh so much I had to look away so as to not bring attention to myself.

Further along as we kept walking; there was another group of about four; this time three girls and one boy. Lucky boy ! One of the girls lend forward and pinched the elderly lady in front of hers bottom thinking it was her girlfriend. I didn’t see the look on the ladies face but I can only imagine it was once of disgust and confusion. The girls were in hysterics, the guy to once they’d realised what their friend had done. Priceless entertainment right their.

I am not quite sure how to take some of the street performers; one was on his hands and knees devoting a song to a woman in the crowd. Her husband/partner had stepped back to avoid embarrassment. The women didn’t seem to mind, as she lend forward to plant a kiss on the performers cheek when he offered it. Naturally at the last minute he turned his head and planted a kiss on her lips. The lady got a shock, he husband was the one I glanced at though. He seemed calm. If that had have been me he’d kissed I know for a fact my partner would not have been so understanding. And fair enough. Not appropriate. Entertaining yes but not appropriate.

It was nearing on 10pm, only half an hour before Australia Day Fireworks, which the three of us were keen to see. What’s not to love about fireworks, they are pretty, spontaneous in the directions the go in the sky and they promote a sense of romance. Traditionally I have an obsession that when I go out somewhere I have to buy a chocolate mousse. I found a beautiful desserts shop ‘Calatrava’ along the boardwalk where I purchased a duo mousse which cost me $8.70. It taste so good, though was difficult to eat as we walked to find the perfect spot to view the fireworks. I ended up saving the rest for home.

Fireworks. Once thing we had been counting on impressing us for the evening and… we were in the wrong spot. We were standing on a pier at Docklands and the fireworks were over near Etihad Stadium. I was disappointed. We walked further to try and get a glimpse of them. It was like the buildings were on fire at the top of them, that was all we saw. We heard them going off, but that just felt like thunder in the distance. Once the noises stop, we concluded out night and went home. Looking out the car window I said a quite goodbye to Melbourne, relieved to be heading home (back to the trees and dirt roads). Until next time…

Stay tuned- J