Hmm… the foods i eat. 

To some this blog may be boring, to others i hope that they will be able to relate to the constant back and forth with attempting to eat healthier and sticking to it. Especially when life is constantly throwing you curve balls which result in turning to the all too alluring “comfort foods”.

After been sick for almost a week i figure now is as good a time as any to switch my diet to a more healthier one. This means ridding my house from all the chips, chocolates, fatty foods and soft drinks that are in the house. Not that i eat all these excessively, its more that i have not limited myself with eating them as much as what i should/could be doing.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. I believe that me getting sick is the universes way of giving  me a massive kick in the butt; telling me to look after myself/my body better and more importantly pay more attention to what i am eating. 
What i would like to achieve in doing this? 

I want to be happier, healthier. To have more energy to do the things that i love and lets face it, we all have the one item of clothing that we USE to fit into to and no longer do. In this case its the dress i wore to my sisters 21st birthday party 4 years ago. Four years seems like so long ago. If i could just fit into that dress again it would make it all worth while.

Stay tuned- J


Health & Fitness

The things we put ourselves through in the name of health and fitness. As I mentioned in one of my pervious blogs, a resolution of mine for the year is to work on my health and fitness. As well as loose a few kg here and there. As I have lacked motivation and have not “found time”, or rather made time to do this with my busy lifestlye (work/other committments); I have recently started personal training. As recent as yesterday. 

Whilst adrenaline and not wanting to look so unfit infront of my new trainer worked for me yesterday… today I am very sore. My shoulders and legs are aching but I am all the more determined to see where this new fitness journey takes me. Yes my weekly scedule has now gotten a whole lot busy and personal training takes alot of energy out of me, but lets face it.. in the long term this decision will benifit me, my body and my energy levels in so many different ways. Plus ill be able to fit into that dress again 😉 !

My second session is tomorrow. Hopefully my body will loosen up a bit between now and then as I am off to work shortly and can barely move. Lets hope my Toddler children go easy on me today!

Stay tuned- J