Photo of the day

My view this morning whilst having breakfast. Spot the horse… one more day before heading home to Victoria.




This afternoon once the rain had cleared (even if just for a short while) i accompanied my partner and his sister on a walk in the back paddocks through the bush. At first i set out in runners however soon realised that they were not practical as the paddocks were full of water. Heading back to the farm house i found some spare boots, which were two sizes too big but good enough at the time. The boots were much better as i was able to trudge through the muddy puddles very much like i use to do as a kid. Were all big kids at heart arent we? The walk up hill to the lookout area just about killed me, making me realise that i am not as fit as i thought i was. My partner and his sister seemed to do the walk up with slightly more ease than myself. A tad jealous i pushed myself onwards.

Once at the top we stopped to take in our surroundings. It was absolutely freezing however the view of cattles, sheep, the bush, fresh green grass and waterways infront of us were still very much enjoyable to observe. There was a cow feeding her very large calf not far from us. I got as close as i was able to get a photo, before we headed back to the house again. On the way back we crossed paths with the cow and her calf again, my partners sister freaked a little at their close proximity. I teased a little doing my best at a cow impression (as you do) then found myself assuring them both that no they would not chase us. We had a good laugh over it. It began to rain again as we neared the house, it was kind of refreshing though. I felt much better after the walk. A small adventure for the day…

Jezka x