My Books

As much as I love writing stories, I also love reading them. At the moment I am interested in though not limited to general fiction, country & contemporary romances books at the moment. I love how an author can draw you into a story/ the main characters life and make you feel as if you are with that person and alongside them every step of the way. My daily/weekly reading sessions are my personal escape from reality. Not that reality is all that mad, rather it is refreshing and somewhat intreging to look at things through another persons eyes/perspective at times. 

The last 4 books I have read that that I would definitely recommend are; 

  • Karly Lane- Second Chance Town
  • Tricia Stringer- Right as Rein
  • Rachael Johns- Man Drought
  • Jojo Moyes- After you

The current book I am reading is;

  • James Pattersons- $10,000000 Wedding Proposal