Photo of the day

Breakfast for one. I remember my Grandmother making this for my two sisters and myself as kids when we stayed at her and my Pops place on school holidays. You never get too old for “Humpty Dumpty’s”.



When it all catches up to you…

20161101_120545.jpgDoes anyone else have those days where you just get home from work and decide nope I’m not hanging out the washing, not doing the dishes… I am going to simply have a shower sit down and “relax”? I admit I don’t have children at present so my work load to some may seem little in juxtaposition to their own.

After coming back from Tasmania, my partner having stayed there another week to spend time with his family; I have struggled to get motivated after the long days at work. I might add I am usually highly motivated and not at all a lazy person, however this week I simply haven’t had the energy to do a whole lot.

Now on a public holiday for the ‘Melbourne Cup’ it has all caught up to me. A long list sitting in front of me nagging to be completed in at least the next few days before my partner comes home. Even now writing this blog I am procrastinating over what I should do first.

I actually hadn’t realised or hadn’t acknowledged how much he (my partner) does to help around the house. How much he takes off me having to do during the week. Sometimes things like that get taken for granted, even if done so unintentionally.

Note to self: Thank him for all he does when he finally gets home. Make sure he knows how much he is appreciated!