Bye bye rose bushes!

20161029_164310Clyde & Bonnie sneakily eating the rose bushes, unaware that they are been watched.


Becoming reacquainted.

20161030_145429I have recently moved my horse’s so that I am able to give their previous paddock a rest. I loved watching the horse’s become reacquainted with each other. The shaking of their heads, stamping of their feet, the noises  they make… I could watch them all day. There is something intreging about the Equis language.

Horse’s names left to right: Clyde, Diva, Bessy, Gypsy & Bonnie.

Out on the trail…

What a beautiful day it was today. For once my Dad and I had a weekend off together so we decided to go for a trail ride. As the weather hasn’t been ideal for riding lately we haven’t had the opportunity to take the horses out in a while. Pepped up on the green grass that has finally started to grow the horses; Bonnie and Clyde (no pun intended) were very excited to be out and about.

We rode up the foothills of the mountains, taking a breath up the top for the horses and taking time to get off and stretch our legs. After not having ridden in a while my legs were quite sore. Where we rode a fire went through last year, so it was nice to see that the gum trees have rejuvenated and began growing back. Nature will always find a way…

Dad and I completely lost track of time. We were having such an amazing time out on the trail, exploring the terrain. Three hours later we arrived home, giving the horses a hose down and a big drink of water.

A near miss…

I had an abrupt start to my working day today. On my way to work this morning I got stuck behind a horse float. Having horses myself I am able to understand how cautious you have to be when floating a horse for your own safety and the horses. I sat behind it patiently. The car in front of me however decided to attempt to over take me not realising the float had slowed to a near stop in preparation for turning right. The car behind quickly stopped (in line with me I might add) and corrected its mistake by pulling back in behind me.

Looking back into the review mirror I was thinking how close that had been. Picking back up to 80km and focusing back on the stretch of road ahead of me I had to suddenly hang on the breaks, causing my car to skid and smoke, burning rubber on my tyres for sure. I could smell it. A kangaroo had jumped straight in front of me. I am so lucky I missed it by a metre or less. Shaken up I slowly drove forward watching the kangaroo jump alongside me before finally jumping the fence.

I drove in silence until finally bursting into tears when I arrived at work. One of the  girls, a friend was straight at my side to comfort me and find out what had happened. I was shaking, which never happens to me. I talked through what had happened and got over the shock. And this is why I drive so slowly at the road at times, especially on bush roads… at least I am ok. Shaken up but ok !